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Searching for meaning...

...in a meaningless world.

4 July 1979
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The Basics...

Name: Lucy Saxon

Age: 28, but a lady never tells.

Birthday: July 4th, ironic, but true.

Marks (scars, birthmarks, piercings, etc.): Ears, once; a small half moon shaped birthmark on my lower back; a burn scar on my wrist where hubby had to teach me a lesson and bruises in varying degrees of fading - also from hubby.

A bit about me...

Likes: The colour red, reminds me of all that fire the hubby showed me at the end of all things, men with a maniacal edge, being controlled and nice clothes and shoes, (well, a girl has to look good for her Master), netball and Italian.

Dislikes: Doctors. Horrid girls who just can’t stop thinking for themselves and that ‘I can’t die’ gung ho hero.

Quirks and Habits: I have a habit of trusting the wrong man.

Sexual Orientation: The Master. It’s more than an orientation, it’s a way of life.

Sexual History: I was a very good girl until I met Harry. Then he opened my eyes to more things than I could ever imagine.

Family: Now, just Harry, or the Master as he likes me to call him.

Friends: None that are left. I don’t need them anyway, not when I have my Master.

Historical Notes:

Well, of course I come from good stock as they say, Daddy is Lord Cole of Tarminster and as such only ever wanted what was best for his little girl. This of course meant Roedean School, where they encourage young girls to experience new things and think adventurously, something that has come in quite handy. Whilst there I showed great skill on the netball court and for languages, leading me to study Italian at St Andrews.

I met Harry three years ago now, and it was love at first sight, at least for me. He is everything a woman could ever want in a man - attentive, commanding and passionate. He is also the most powerful being I, or you, have ever seen. We were able to spend nearly two and a half blissful years together before he was taken so cruelly from me, but I am certain I will see him again, in one form or another.

Disclaimer: Yes, yes, I know. Lucy Saxon doesn't exist, but for now she does. This is all purely for my enjoyment and for lost_xintime a fab RPG - go, look and possibly join...