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Searching for meaning...
...in a meaningless world.
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6th-Oct-2009 12:02 am - Updating Operation Hubby

Well, that was... interesting to say the least. I don't think I have ever seen a more dead-end shop than that one. Nor have I seen such wastes of human lives as that stupid idiot's. Barry or Larry or whatever his name was. I suppose I should fill you in on what went on.

The shop was actually called Sparrow and Nightingale Books. How twee. It even had one of those tinkling bells as you entered, and the counter across the wall at the back so they could watch you walking around their shop. I intensely dislike being scrutinized like that. Especially by a lanky, gawky looking man with hair that should have been washed three days ago. Harry was always so particular about how he looked. Anyway, the main front of the shop had a mixture of DVD's and books displayed, but I didn't waste my time, from my research I knew that the book I wanted would be behind the counter or through the beaded curtain, (how predictable that they would have that 70's throwback in this shop). That also meant I would have to lower myself to talk to the neaderthal.

And do you know what? Part of me just couldn't stop wondering if he was one of the humans the Toclafane had managed to eradicate. The Doctor had more to answer for than he knew.

The conversation went as well as I thought; I asked, he evaded the question, until suddenly the ring burnt so hotly on my skin that it almost burnt its way inside me. I had to stop speaking and when I started again... well, it's a good job no one else is reading this, because if they were... when I started speaking again it was as if it was Harry talking through me. Assertive, commanding; things that I can only play at being. I could tell it had an effect, his face blanched of colour and he backed away from me, leaving me alone to glare after him. Of course, I had to check if the ring had marked me so I turned away from the counter for a few seconds. When I turned back I was faced with an entirely different specimen. This one was female, about 23 and looked intelligent.

Obviously the organ grinder. And a worthy opponent for me at least.

I decided to cut straight to the chase but when I asked her about Time Lords she tried to look innocent. I wasn't having that. So I proceeded to tell her, in no uncertain terms, exactly what I knew about her little shop and idiot boyfriend. And how he'd once run pirate DVD's on the side. <i>That</i> was something she didn't know about and something I was thankful I'd learnt to use google for.

After that she seemed much happier to help, and that is why I am now sitting here with a battered old book at my side. The title's been half rubbed off, and there's no author's name on the spine; not that I expected any. But it's finally within my grasp and I can feel the ring heating once again. He's getting so impatient, my Master. So needy.

I adore it, but more reading beckons. Shall update once I have everything clear.

5th-Oct-2009 07:26 pm - What a wonderful web...
blue me
It's truly amazing what you can find by 'googling' something, even if you're not as technologically able as most. That's something Harry was always nagging me about, and I suppose in one way, he was right. Maybe if I'd been more up to date with sonic, laser screwdrivers and all the other Time Lord paraphanalia, I could have helped more...

But I mustn't dwell on that, not since I have such good news to share. Well. Possibly good news. And probably not good news for everyone per se, but it's made me feel the best I have since... well, since Harry made me start calling him Master, (what fun we had!).

I decided to google a vague description of the ring, (belonged to a Time Lord etc), because, let's face it, most people have heard of google. And what do you know? There was a result. A match. True, I had to scroll through endless reams about that accursed 'Doctor', but still, there on page 29 was what I had been looking for. Or at least I hope so. Some webpage for a ramshackle bookstore, Raven something or other I think. I've got the address tucked away and am planning my next move. The page says they have some rather interesting and rare books on just what I'm looking for. They'd better have something, because I detest having to go out when I don't have to. Well, that's how far I am, and what I've got to do tomorrow.

The ring seems to be getting warmer. Or perhaps it's just the thought of having my Master back...
4th-Oct-2009 01:08 pm - The ring...
It keeps drawing me back to it. I'm not sure why but I've taken to wearing it on a chain, keeping it close, pressing against my skin. It tingles. I know I should be worried. Perhaps I should try to leave it somewhere...

Even though I know what I should be feeling, I can't bring myself to believe the ring could do me harm. It was Harry's for God's sake, and alright, I know Harry did me harm, but that was different. We both knew I needed it, we both knew what I could be like. And I never said I didn't enjoy it.

So, how to find out what to do with it... There has to be a purpose to it, otherwise how could I have found it in the first place? I just need to concentrate harder.
2nd-Oct-2009 06:54 am - First Posting

Well, I have succumbed to inquisitiveness and joined the online masses.

Masses. It seems so strange to write of humanity as masses, even a year and a half after it all happened. So strange to have spent all that time looking around and knowing deep within that everything is wrong. But what else can I do? I have my own schemes and plans to put into motion, although the how is still somewhat fuzzy, but then again I haven't been able to think of much since retrieving the ring.

Harry's ring. My Master. Even thinking of him now makes a shiver run up my spine, I can almost feel him here with me, and it reassures me. I am quite alone. I know that, I have been since he was taken from me. That's why I'm sitting in front of this stupid machine, typing to no one, pretending that there are actually people who care reading this. There aren't, and I can't bring myself to care about that either. It says something like 'there are 272 people who like fluffy bunnies' on livejournal.

I don't. I used to, but since Harry my world was turned upside down, (and torn open), and if there's one thing I want more than anything, it's to get Harry back, whether he's the Master or not.

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